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The financial cost of the hotel manages
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The financial cost of the hotel manages

Of short duration does not have brief introduction

Financial cost management grooms teaching materials

One, what is an enterprise: It is the economic organization of the purpose with gain.

Because the enterprise is gain,be a purpose just about, so the industry rises from a day that when hold water, facing intense market competition, be in from beginning to end live, close down, in development, atrophic contradiction, the first job of business management is to live, live to just can gain profit only, the target of business management " live, development, gain profit " (process and a person are same)

The foundation that the industry survives is the market, want occupational market to must want to have unique management kind, innovate ceaselessly, with serving occupational market high gradely, reduce cost ceaselessly below reasonable premise at the same time, reduce expenditure, increase industry competition capacity.

2, the procedure that the enterprise establishs (type selecting)

(1) raises fund (2) invests (3) capital is run run an activity namely (4) allocation of funds

(One) raise fund: Finance.

(2) investment: Forecast, law exemple, budget, control, analysis.

Exemple: Meal course of study: Advantage of sunny generation, brand, successful management experience, mainland is changed (do in Rome as Rome does)

(3) capital is run (production is managed, money, content, money)

(4) allocation of funds (profit allocation)

3, finance affairs manages medium action in the enterprise:

(The two old mastery of a skill or technique of 1) finance affairs (business accounting, supervise)

(One) business accounting: Use major namely, scientific, computational method, had made management analysis for the enterprise.

(2) pass business accounting, offer an analysis, supervisory belongings is over state and action state.

4, cost management

(Why should 1) strengthen company cost management, cost management is the expression of industry competition ability, it is the basic approach that increases profit, its resist pressure of inside and outside, get existent safeguard, it is the base that the company expands.

(The concept of 2) cost, cost one word is used extensively by people, although be in same field, same same individual gets on an enterprise personally the concept of cost, changing ceaselessly, exemple: Hutch is in charge of after, the director of office area, the manager of only store, kunming company director (fire, medium) , whole cease, yun Gui company, want to define cost so, want to define income above all, cost deserves to fall than the circumstance of the principle, the idea of cost is right.
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