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Financial control is talked newly (2)
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Financial control is talked newly (2)

Of short duration does not have brief introduction

, the financial control means of maneuverability is worth while and thorough research, farther perfect, include:

1, change the system of board of directors that is main feature with socialization, major

The place before be like is narrated, the key of structure of legal person processing is a board of directors this intermediate region, its connection is possessory with operator two interests, avoid possessory intervention at the same time, monitoring is worn the behavior of operator. And the key of the board of directors is personnel of board of directors is formed, the experience that develops from contemporary company system looks, only socialization, specializationed board of directors goes to the effect that it should have since ability. The mark of socialization is exterior and independent director intervene, those who specialization is indicative the formation that is professional committee and run. For example, company of American general motors (GM) organization manages his the basic principle of giant orgnaization is policy is made as apart as executive control, manage dispersedly be united in wedlock with harmonious management. The board of directors is the highest and decision-making orgnaization of the company, have the problem of the most essential sex only, like direction of scope of operations, product, scale of production, investment arrangement, financing raises, plan target, important staff member is appointed and dismissed etc, just refer board of directors and the committee that its belong to to discuss. The board of directors sets 6 committee: Management committee, appoint and dismiss share out bonus and committee, fulfil countervail committee, impact commission, executive council and financial committee. These council numbers are not much, comprise by trustee commonly, a director can play a certain number of committee, among them the most important executive council and financial committee. The task of the executive council is to be in charge of a company running overall lead of the activity, master finance affairs beyond each decision-making with direct. But the particular executive job that it does not pursue day-to-day professional work running mobile side, enjoin by it the company is finished about the branch however. Financial committee takes company financial power alone, the fixed capital that approves certain limitation above invests, set the long-term and financial target of the company, decide the pay of company senior staff member, the price plan of all sorts of products that examine approval executive board to put forward, be in charge of finance, monitor the economic result that checks company departmental door, undertake checkup to the final accounting of revenue and expenditure of the company end of the year, be in charge of making dividend allocation plan. Management committee basically is the business case that understand on behalf of trustee and examines a company. Appoint and dismiss committee to basically be in charge of the nomination of the member that company senior leader servantchooses a person for a job fully. Share out bonus and the pay that propose a toast countervail committee basically is to decide senior staff member and annual due fulfil countervail. Impact commission basically is responsible corporation and society the relation of each respect.
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