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Hotel goods and materials purchases working flow
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Hotel goods and materials purchases working flow

1, to do well of the hotel purchase the job, assure high grade and cheap supply, ensure of economic norms finish, and the happening that avoids a few undesirable liability, make this system especially.

2, financial department is the professional branch that the hotel purchases the job, hotel place needs article in principle to all be united by its buy, other department has participate in supervise, support cooperates authority, purchase without agreeing not to get do sth without authorization.

3, all purchasing the activity must abide by a country to concern law, law and code.

4, relevant personnel is being purchased, in the process that receives money, must abide by business ethics, raise vocational level hard, get used to the development demand of market economy; Exquisite civilization is courteous, abide by discipline is abide by the law; Give priority to with hotel profit, supervise each other, cooperate each other, guard a pass jointly.

One, the application that purchases an item

It is OK that need of business situation of 1. branch basis does not have this project in branch, storeroom or the circumstance falls explain buy; Should put forward according to norm of goods and materials below the circumstance that storeroom is not worth in inventory norm explain buy. Explain the branch before buying and storeroom must check branch and storeroom seriously this project stocks and wastage.

2.The project beyond storeroom reserve uses a branch to put forward by each explain buy. Explain the reserve that before buying, must inquire whether storeroom has this project or substitute.

2, purchase a purpose to examine and approve, choose business, affirm, quote and buy

1. classics affirms solid belong to necessary buy an item, must by storeroom or use branch fills in explain buy sheet, via sectional chief, warehouse keeper, be assigned personal responsibility for the leader signs, purchase via after general manager is examined and approve, be being handed in unified deal with.

2. hotel place needs commodity to be in charge of arrangement purchasing by financial department;

3. buyer should according to explain buy a project to undertake purchasing, if have doubt but direct with explain buy a branch to undertake communication. In affirm without by accident hind, should arrange as soon as possible according to the requirement purchase. If this goods and materials is supplied by long-term supplier, can contact a supplier to supply directly. If do not have long-term supplier to should search at least 3 suppliers to undertake business negotiate, course contrast, choose, after the newspaper agrees about personnel, undertake purchasing. To odd item purchase can arrange buyer to be purchased directly in the market, but should have done purchase supervisory job.
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