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The reason that hotel receivable forms crucial point and processing are right
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The reason that hotel receivable forms crucial point and processing are right

One, the reason that receivable crucial point forms

A hotel is in normal management procedure, do not have receivable impossibly, the problem is receivable structure closes unreasonable, can call in sexual degree has many tall. The reason that says to produce receivable commonly basically has the following sides.

1, heavy " annul " light " close " the thought is serious, affect capital steam again. Some hotels leader pays attention to sale outstanding achievement only, do not pay attention to steam again of funds on account. In sale process, some leaders are maintaining a this of the plan, think to wanted a sale to go out only, capital calls in is financial trouble.

2, not " severe " idea, be afraid of lost an user. Because some lead idea idea ageing, cause the government on the system in product sale and steam again of funds on account the system is non-standard as lax as assessment, to a few consumption client reputation rate masters not clear, did not differentiate according to credit rate discretion of the client grade, demarcate credit specified number is spent. In selling a process, as long as it is old client, below the premise that did not master new case completely, be swayed by one's emotions. Additional, to forming the unit of receivable, did not reach according to economic contract law concerned code is dealt with, do not want to engage in a lawsuit, also dare not engage in a lawsuit, the court on concern engages in a lawsuit, can hurt user feeling, bad henceforth deal.

3, administrative system is diseased, many employee responsibility hearts are not strong. Because system of partial hotel management is diseased, offerred the opportunity of congenial secure personal gain to illegal element. They use heart of hotel staff responsibility not strong or the current situation of business inexperience and exploit an advantage. Can form new receivable. In the meantime, also have individual employee self too heavy, abusive right causes a hotel to increase new receivable.

4, individual unit or consumer are not told morality of course of study mixes to apply for a job not to scrupulously abide by credit. Below market economy condition, management activity should scrupulously abide by credit and professional morality. Fall as a result of market mechanism diseased, individual unit or consumer autograph do not pay money on schedule after sheet, some defaulting be as long as a few years. The matter that such doing is you also owe me, default " justifiable " thought do mischief, there is money on him account obviously, do not pay namely; 2 it is to default profitable, take up for a long time hotel capital, do not need to pay interest, more economical than borrowing money to the bank; 3 it is to default long, end up with nothing definite; 4 it is shortage of circulating fund of a few units, cannot get due complement for a long time, also exist to remand feebly the phenomenon that defaults funds on account.
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