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Purchase director post duty
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Purchase director post duty

1, chair purchase a comprehensive job, put forward goods and materials to purchase a plan, the organization after newspaper general manager is approved is carried out, ensure each purchase the task to finish.

2, demand of departmental door goods and materials reachs investigation and study wear out condition, the supply that is familiar with all sorts of goods and materials channel and circumstance of vicissitude of the market, know fairly well of supply and demand. Coach and supervise subordinate to begin professional work, enhance business technical ability ceaselessly, ensure of company goods and materials purchase an amount normally.

3, year of examine and verify is departmental those who report purchase a plan, be engineered as a whole and purchase content certainly. Reduce needless expenditure, with active fund, make sure the biggest goods and materials is supplied.

4, the name that should be familiar with and masters company place to need of all kinds goods and materials, model, norms, monovalent, utility and producing area. The examination purchases goods and materials to whether accord with quality requirement, the goods and materials to the company is purchased and quality requirement has leader responsibility.

5, supervise the professional work that shares big batch commodity to order goods to negotiate, the execution that examines a contract and fulfil a circumstance.

6, purchase the job by what plan to finish of all kinds goods and materials, reduce expenditure as far as possible in budgetary.

7, supervise those who check each buyer to purchase process and price control seriously.

8, go up in sectional manager regular meeting, regular report is purchased fulfil a result.

9, what the month will attend every months first is all purchase the task to finish reach item-by-item of in unfinished state listed forms for reporting statistics, show general manager and financial department manager, purchase an item with facilitating superior leads those who master entire company.

10, superintend and director guides purchase personnel in be engaged in purchasing business activity, discipline wanting abide by is abide by the law, negotiate credit, do not all alone bribe, do not take bribes, establish good relationship with the unit that offer money, business dealings is begun below the principle of equal mutual benefit.

11, the thought of personnel of responsible affiliated to a ministry, vocational training, begin the education of idea of discipline of professional morality, external affairs, legal system, make all employee fit the rapid development of market economy.

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